Michelle Wu for Boston 筹款会 10/24 下午1:00 Cambridge

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My name is Michelle Wu. In 2013, I was elected as a Boston City Councilor At-Large. I am running for re-election because I believe in Boston. I believe we can lead as a national model of an inclusive innovation economy that connects all of our neighborhoods and communities. I believe we can serve as an example of an urban public education system that creates meaningful pathways for all our students, and I believe that all of this depends on a foundation of strong, vibrant, local engagement in each of our neighborhoods.

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I have gotten to know and love the sense of community and family that Boston’s neighborhoods represent. From advising entrepreneurs at the WilmerHale Legal Services Center in Jamaica Plain, to working with survivors of domestic violence at the Medical-Legal Partnership at Boston Medical Center and health centers around the city, I have seen the power of community organizations serving city residents. As legal guardian of my youngest sister, I have chaired the School Site Council for the Eliot K-8 School in the North End and volunteered with the Boston Latin Home and School Association. Prior to serving on the Council, I worked on the U.S. Senate campaign of my former law professor, Elizabeth Warren, directing the campaign’s statewide outreach effort to communities of color throughout all of Boston’s neighborhoods and in gateway cities across the Commonwealth. In my first term as Boston City Councilor At-Large, I have been committed to working towards a city government that is accessible, responsible, and built on community, and have been a proud voice for progressive causes that impact residents in all of Boston’s neighborhoods

Family has been the driving force in my life. I’m the oldest of four kids born to immigrant parents from Taiwan. Growing up, I watched my parents navigate language and cultural barriers while pursuing the American Dream. I worked hard, studied hard, and got into college at Harvard, where I fell in love with Boston. After graduation, I got a great job in the Financial District. But when my mother began to suffer from serious mental illness, I left my job in Boston and went to Chicago to take care of her and my younger sisters. While there, I started a small family business, a tea shop featuring weekly poetry readings and open mic nights. I was fortunate to come back to Boston for law school, bringing my mother and sisters with me.

Through my experiences as a former small business owner, legal advocate, legal guardian—and most recently, as new working mom—I have seen how city government has a direct impact on people’s lives. Previously working for Mayor Tom Menino and having served one term on the Boston City Council, I have experienced the potential for city government to be responsive, innovative, and accessible. It is for these principles and for families around the city that I hope to continue to serve.

Chinese Translation

我叫吳弭 (Michelle Wu). 我今天在这里竞选是因为我相信波士顿。我相信作为一个包容性的创新经济体我们波士顿市可以领先于其他城市作为全美国学习的模范。在这个经济体里所有的邻里和社区都被连结起来。我相信我们可以成为城市公共教育系统学习的范例在这个教育系统里我们为学生创造有意义的发展道路。我还相信要实现这一切的奠基石是我们与我们所有的社区有着强有力和充满活力的直接参与和接触了解。

我慢慢地接触了解并喜欢上了波士顿街区所代表的社区和家庭的感觉。无论是在Jamaica Plain的WilmerHale法律服务中心指导企业家还是在波士顿医疗中心和健康中心帮助家庭暴力的幸存者我看到了社区组织为民众提供服务的力量。作为我小妹的法定监护人我主持了在North End Eliot 学校的校委会我还在波士顿拉丁学校协会做义工。最近一段时间我的主要工作是帮助我前法学院教授Elizabeth Warren的美国参议院竞选进行全州宣传活动,我们主要向波士顿以及马萨诸塞州波士顿的周边城市的非白人社区进行宣传。

我很自豪地把波士顿称为我的家。目前我跟我的先生和两个妹妹住在South End. 我的母亲住在West Roxbury.家庭一直是推动我成长的强大动力。我的父母从台湾移民来美国,我们家有四个兄弟姐妹,而我是几个孩子中的老大。在我成长的过程中, 我看着我的父母克服语言和文化上的障碍, 追求他们的美国梦。我勤奋努力地学习考入哈佛大学在读书期间便爱上了波士顿。大学毕业之后我在波士顿金融区找到了一个很不错的工作。但是由于我的母亲备受精神病的折磨我离开了我在波士顿的工作回到芝加哥照顾我的母亲和几个年幼的妹妹。在芝加哥的时候我创办了一个小型的家族企业—